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The Hold Out Test.

This may seem rather common sense, but its actually not apparently.

There is a simple way to save yourself time, heartbreak, frustration, and mental issues that result from a failed relationship. I am aiming this at all the young ladies out there, but it actually works for both genders.

The concept is simple. We all know that there is a reoccuring event in relationships. You get in one, its FANTASTIC for like 3 months (if that), then it winds down, and eventually you look at the other person and go “Who the hell are you? what happened to the person i got with?”

Want to avoid that? follow this simple test. Takes self control, and most people dont have the mentality to do it, but you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about who a person is by holding out on them for two weeks.

This means NO sexual contact of any sort. Go ahead and kiss, thats fine if you can control it from there. But deny every advance for a whole two weeks and you will save yourself months of issues or you will have created a stronger foundation and a lasting relationship.

In those two weeks, learn everythign you can about the other person.

The most important part is to PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR REACTIONS!!! It is NEVER “normal” for a guy to get PISSED OFF when you hold out on him. Most girls will say “well he’s just angry that we aren’t doing anything, if I give in, everything will go back to normal.” This is the biggest lie you can tell yourself. If a guy gets angry or frustrated from you holding out it tells you alot of things. Things like HE DOESNT RESPECT YOU. if he cant respect your wishes, its not worth your time. or things like HE ONLY WANTS YOU FOR SEX. A person will tell another person ANYTHING they want to hear to get to that goal. Find self worth, never settle, and remember that you deserve everything you would give to someone else.

Do this test, and you will know true motives, you will have a relationship based on more than sex, and you will build a lasting foundation.

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Applesauce,

Chris Brantley

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