Music To Your Eyeballs

Girls Obsessed with their weight…

I see alot of pictures that girls post of what they would LIKE to look like. and honestly… I dont know anyone that thinks a girl who looks like she needs an emergency sandwich, or could be easily snapped in half, is attractive. Well, that’s not true, Girls like that in a girl, or in themselves rather. But the reality women, is that guys love curves. Guys love a full figured woman. Guys want strong legs with thighs, not twigs. Guys like that hour glass figure, we like your “big” butt. Hell, we like everything about you.

Well, at least I do. Granted, some dudes are a lot more shallow than I am, and this is not to say that I’m in to them big ole girls, trust me, theres a definitive limit in my own shallow minded preferences as well,  but i am definitely not into stick figures… simply because there is more to it than just wanting to look good at that point…there are deep psychological issues at work. which i do sympathize with.

This is about those girls who looks JUST FINE the way it is, who looks sexy already, who make guys drool the way it is, and yet they still post pictures of these little tiny girls with no form. Sure, they are super skinny. But I can also play xylophone on their ribcage. Frail is not attractive.

Self confidence is. You emit whatever you feel about your self to the outside world. If you carry yourself in a manner that says “I feel beautiful” YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! :) maybe its our fault, maybe society and men have made it seem like you are not worth anything unless you eat 2 calories a day and look like you are gonna collapse.

look, its this simple, you girls look great the way you are, and if you feel like you dont, do what it takes to make yourself feel like that, but do not go to extremes. If nothing else, find a good guy who loves you for every thing you are, faults included, because in true love, faults make perfection. Faults make us feel like we know more about you than anyone in the whole world. We want to be the ones who trace our fingers over that awkward scar you have, or run our hands along those curves. CURVES CURVES CURVES!!! i dont want to go feeling on a 2x4, if i did, my date nights would consist of a trip to the hardware store and a few splinters.

It is not about the outside. only the inside matters. you will get old, you will turn grey, you will sag, you will go through crazy things, but the guy standing with you when you’re 40, 60, 80…hes the only one you have to impress, and you’ll never find him if you keep trying to attract those douche bags who only care about your barbie doll looks.

Peace, Love, applesauce

Chris Brantley